About A Boy – 28 May 1963


This is part four of a series of photobooth strips of the same American boy. I estimate that he would be 12 or 13 in these photos.

There has been a gap of three and a half years from the time the last photos in this group were taken. Our young man is looking more grown up and acting that way. Gone are the crazy faces and comical poses. The photos suggest a growing maturity but happily his inner comedian is still there. You will see what I mean in the next post, as we continue to follow his progression from boyhood to young adulthood.

To see the other photos of this young man, please click here.

  1. John said:

    He looks much more mature now. Handsome kid. I noticed right away the goofy faces are gone. 👍🏻😎

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    • He is handsome isn’t he? I proposed in an earlier post that he might have become an actor. Later photos suggest he has the movie star looks but the creative spark may have dimmed. Or maybe not. You will have to wait and see!

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  2. oglach said:

    Here we go. Someone besides his mother has told him he’s handsome.


      • Honestly. Do you know this feeling if you see a face that seems familiar to you and you have no idea why. Is it celeb? A friend? ..still don’t know why I feel to know him.

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        • Yes, I do know that feeling, Markus. It can be quite unsettling in a way. Is it someone we know now, so someone we used to know? Am I imagining it? It is sometimes hard to stop thinking about it until you can say, “Yes, of course! It is like Mike twenty years ago.”, or something like that.


  3. Great series! Have you ever had someone contact you about a photo you posted, and it was the person in the photograph, or at least someone who knew the person?

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    • Hi! Yes, I was contacted by someone who was a relative of the person in a series I posted. I replied to them but sadly, they didn’t get back in touch.

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  4. I wonder what he would say if he knew a few people watched him as he grew up via the photo strips. Such a remarkable blog you have! 💐

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    • Thank you. That is such a sweet thing to say! ❤️ I hope one day someone will recognise him and tell him to look at all the great comments his photos have received.

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