Tongues Of Fun



Sometimes I am lucky enough to find a large, mixed lot of photobooth photos at a reasonable price. Along with dirty, scratched, bent, taped, torn or peeling photos, there will be those in pristine condition. However sometimes the condition just doesn’t matter.

All of these photos have suffered from poor handling and all being relatively new, are not sort after by the “serious” collector. I don’t give a rat’s fart about that! I love the joy and craziness exhibited in each and every one of them. I hope you do, too.



All the photos come from a country that is great, always has been great and doesn’t need to be “made great again”, the United States of America.

  1. Mike said:

    From a rat’s fart to Donald Trump. Some consistency there. Right on all counts.

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  2. John said:

    Katherine, I LOVE these!! So fun!!! A Rats Fart, haha!! Thank you for the wonderful compliment about my country Katherine, so sweet. President Trump is a major upheaval for our political system, he’s not a politician nor a crony of any one political party which is just what this nation needs. Some people are fearful of his being a rogue president you could say, I have no fear. There are many Christians being put in places of serious authority now and it’s a beautiful thing to see. People will deny it until hell freezes over, but this country was founded upon Christian beliefs. That is what America needs so deeply, a return to our true roots. I have a cross tattoo on my right arm, a reminder to keep myself in line…

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    • I’m so glad, John! They put a smile on my face every time I look at them.

      What worries me is that Christian values are not uppermost in the mind of the President, John. I hope I am wrong and that you are right.

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      • John said:

        Well, he has appointed a few Christians who are not shy about there faith. A good sign.

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    • Thanks Ashley! Thanks for introducing me to “Tim Diggles as”. His photos are smile making, too.


        • Yes, I have subscribed. His Matisse photo is brilliant, not to mention the Warhol and the rest.


          • 😀 I’m so glad! Apart from keeping me entertained with something that fascinates me, thats the point of sots – to promote people. 😀

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            • Three cheers for that! Blogging is a never ending source of enjoyment and surprises for me. I never imagined how great it was going to be!


  3. Jim Grey said:

    I don’t know how great we really are in the US; I think there’s always been some hyperbole there. But I agree, we sure as hell don’t need regreatening. The tongues are fun!

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    • One could say that about so many countries. The way we see ourselves isn’t necessarily the way we are, or the way we are seen by the world. Australians think that we live in a classless society. Try telling that to the homeless and aboriginal Australians. Having said that, there is so much to admire in the US and its truly is seen as a great country, that as you say, doesn’t need to be regreatened. I love that new word, Jim!

      Glad you liked the tongues.

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  4. These are great! Fun to put them all in one post, but surely wasn’t there one of Katherine you could have added?

    Love your last line.

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  5. Xraypics said:

    Katherine! You are a political animal! Am I shocked? Not really, but – – “rat’s fart” indeed! Rat’s fart, fat’s rat. …. but you have created a category all on your own, Lingua estruso. We all look forward to seeing this develop.

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    • I just thought it sounded more genteel than rat’s arse. But not by too much, Tony! Now I need to look up estruso. . .


    • Having a bit of Spanish, I guessed that it might mean extruded language. Now did you coin the expression in reference to the means by which a fart is emitted? 😃Who cares!? It is brilliant, Tony!


  6. le parole di paola-illaboratoriodipetunia2 said:

    I think you had a great idea in posting real photos. Existence all around and each of us need to work out life as we are able to look at. GOOD JOB!!!!

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  7. Excellent! “A rat’s fart” – that’s a new one – I will try to drop that into conversation today – the opportunity is certain to arise 😀

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    • Thanks! The actual expression is “I don’t give a rat’s arse about it” but that seemed too crass once I saw it written down!

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  8. Wagging tongues. Delightful and yes, much of that going in in our great USA.

    It was telling for me when Trump bragged about the church he attends, and the minister of the church corrected his falsehood and told the world how Trump doesn’t attend the church at all. Just saying one is a Christian does not make it so. The gullible will vote for their party before their country, and that’s how we have been shackled with an ignoramous for a “president.” And to think the fool insulted Prime Minister Turnbull sickens me to the core.

    My apologies, dear Katherine, for harping about this, but it feels surreal to have a monstrosity in our White House. Thank you for dedicating your wonderful post to yes, the great America. Let’s hope it stays great even after the orange troll.

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    • I have never posted anything political before, Rose. He is a shock to all our systems! Thank you for that apology, even though no one blames the American people for what happened. I was glad our PM took the high road. He handled it the way a true statesman should and I say that even though I do not support his party.

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  9. I love it to capture (or to see that other people do it) that precious moment of fun and relaxation. The photos are always a little treasure which gives you back a little of that smiles in future times. Like you photo series do, Kathie. Thank you for sharing, again 🙂

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    • Cheers Markus! It isn’t just the photos that give me smiles but comments like yours working the same way. 😊❤thank you.


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