Not Cricket

This undated half strip of a dad posing with his son, has been in the wars. It is damaged, dirty and poorly developed but the characters depicted are funny and loveable. The man’s moustache puts these photos squarely in the 1970s. That assertion is further backed up by his lovely mullet hairstyle and disco-guy fashion sense.

This boy isn’t half as good as his pa at pulling silly faces, but he is giving it his best, given the vagaries of the timing of each flash.

The type of facial topiary his dad sports, is commonly known, in the dubious circles in which I move, as a porn star ‘tache. And yet, combined with the white top, with striped feature on the v-neck, I prefer to think of it as a cricketer ‘tache. Some famous Australian cricketers who favoured this droopy style of fuzz in the 70s are –

Max Walker

Ian Chappell

Rodney Marsh

Please note the (minor) similarity of style of the cricketing jumpers, to the top worn by our man in the booth pic. Sometimes my imagination doesn’t quite match the reality of things.

These photos come from the USA, but they should have come from Australia.

  1. That mustache, even that haircut, were a thing in the US in the 70s. Wasn’t a fan.

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    • No, me neither. Despite my rabbiting on about cricketers, these booth pics came from the USA. Dubious facial hair trends were obviously universal in the English speaking world, then and now!


  2. Cute strip. We’ve all pulled those faces, especially ‘you know who'(for 14 minutes worth). The mustache is more a Fu Manchu. The porn star mustache is more like Rodney Marsh’s . I had one in the ’70s for years, I’ll see if I can find a pic. I even tried a perm once, but looked like a damn fool. I’ll add that I think his hairstyle is a little more Beatles than mullet.

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    • It was definitely a stretch to call it a mullet, I agree!

      I have a photobooth strip of you with a very luxurious mo, Ted – I’d love to see you with a disco perm!!

      Deadly that this mo is really called a Fu Manchu! Rodney’s lip rodent, didn’t really fit the bill, but I spent so long looking for 1970s cricketers with droopy moustaches, without a huge amount of success that I threw him in anyway.

      Now I have my follicular, facial vocabulary worked out, I hope to find more photobooth moustaches to share. I might use you as a consultant prior to publishing, if you are willing? X X


      • Now, that is a Porn Star Mustache. I forgot about that photo. I was at the height of fashion then. Man, did I think I was cool. (no one will ever see the perm)

        Of course you can always call on me… someone has to keep you on the ‘straight and narrow’.

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        • Yep, you are right about that Ted!

          PS I am devastated I will never see your perm, but I must be content to allow you your dignity, I suppose.


          • Actually, I don’t think a photo of that perm exists. It wasn’t an afro type, just curly, I have straight hair. But a friend of mine had one and they used the tiniest rollers and he looked like a white black guy.

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  3. Quinn said:

    Imagine the feelings of that grown up boy if he were to find this strip on your blog tomorrow! I’d say he would be so excited it would be beyond words – a fleeting moment that he’s probably forgotten about, somehow now across the world and on a blog! The world is so small!

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    • Yes, the world is so small indeed. We live in very fortunate times! If only there were names on the back of more photos. There is another vintage photo blogger who only buys photos with a family history attached in one way or another. She writes the most fascinating histories after doing meticulous research. I believe she has been approached by family members through some of her posts. Without the names, it would be spectacularly exciting for the boy to stumble across these photos, but maybe it is possible through Google image search?

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  4. 🙂 🙂 don’t worry about your dubious circles… …we call the facial hair the same way 🙂 🙂 …or should I now better worry about my dubious circles :/ 😀

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  5. I think I’ve just discovered where I got the inspiration for my half-hearted attempt to maintain a goatee 😉

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  6. Lol! Porn star ‘tache — too sexy; especially with a mullet, to boot. Ugh. Amazing strip with so much entertainment factored in, and your comments are priceless! ❤

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  7. crickatrons said:

    Maybe this guy was a fan of the aussies!


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