Something Fishy

This is a British girl. In a photobooth. With a fish. A fish!!!

A freshly caught beautiful fish!

Is this the most, madly-insane, photobooth photo you have ever seen?


Maybe not. . .

Maybe . . .

No, it wasn’t. This is the most, madly insane, photobooth photo you have ever seen!

(Her poor fish-faced friend!)

  1. Xraypics said:

    That is wild. She’s so proud of the fish, she’s sticking into her sisters face – sisterly love! It must have been cold on the river bank, they are both rugged up.

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    • Isn’t it always cold in the UK? 😆. I think you are right that they are sisters. It is definitely a funny example of sisterly ‘love’! 😃

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  2. Jim Grey said:

    “I caught a fish! To the photobooth!”

    Until now, I was sure *nobody* ever said that.

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  3. Val said:

    Maybe the fish was already in the booth when they arrived… 😉

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  4. 😀 😀 …what a progress for her that they invent the digital cam meanwhile, so she don’t need to run to the next photobooth anymore to pre send the fish…. …but lucky her that she loves fishing instead of hunting buffalos! 😀 😉

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  5. I knew people took chips into phone booths, but not fish. Back in my day, eating a packet of chips in a phone booth was considered going out for a meal.

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    • He he he, Bryan. Great idea! 😄. I need to go out for that kinda meal in a photobooth soon.


  6. warren said:

    How did you get your hands on the photos? Great blog, love the black and white photos takes me back to my student days in the darkroom.


  7. elmediat said:

    They take a surreal turn with the contemplative/inward gaze of the second & third. With the fish head blocking the second girl’s face, it looks like an attempt to create a life model Dadaist collage. 😀

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    • If I were more on the ball I might’ve thought of the Surrealists, too. Glad I have you about Joseph! 😃❤️


  8. ehpem said:

    Did the strip retain a whiff of fish embedded in it’s paper? I am sure you sniffed just to see.

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  9. Clipping Creation India said:

    The pictures are so cool! After seeing these images I go back my childhood memories. Thanks.


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