Friday is a happy day for most, it being the last day of the working week and all, so I thought I’d share a bit of joy for you to take with you on your weekend. Here we have Maniac Girl with a Large Earring. I can imagine she was taking some photos for use with an identity card or passport and decided to make the last one a mad souvenir.

I found this unusual square format photobooth photo somewhere in the UK in 1992. Unfortunately I didn’t make any note of the location of the find. On the back it is signed and dated in magenta ink and reads 12/6/92 (12 June 1992). The name could be Mon B but that is a wild guess. What a shame that it was lost! What fun that I found it!

  1. Xraypics said:

    Her earring is big, but look at the size of her pupils! If she hadn’t been sitting in a darkened booth before the flash she could be on ecstasy, or cocaine.

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  2. Mike said:

    Sadly, her mother was right, and this poor dear was left with her face frozen with this expression for the rest of her days. Forced to join a small travelling circus, she did indeed find love and happiness, for her heart was pure, and her desire strong. All is well that ends well.

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