1. If I had seen it, I would have bought it in a heartbeat… not for me, of course. It is way too weird… for my Aussie Lassie.

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    • Thanks Ted. You are a star! I was going to publish a post on one of your photo pressies today but after working on it diligently yesterday, for some reason it didn’t save. I just felt so defeated, I opted for this super simple post. Hope you are well! x x

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  2. oglach said:

    You think he’s fooling around, but this is actually a passport photo. He always looks like that. 🙂

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  3. This is indeed a great picture, it says so much about the character of the person. I confess…. mea culpa … when waiting for a facetime or skype connection to go through i often pull faces at myself, what would happen if someone on the other end caught me at it – who knows?

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    • That conjures up some wonderful images, Tony! If you got caught I hope it would be via a screen shot. It would be a testament to your fun character that could live on and on. 🙂 🙂 Makes me think about what future generations will be able to pass on to their kids in terms of photos. I only just found out CDs and DVDs have a very short life before they start to deteriorate. Analogue photography is still king from an archival perspective but so few of us are making old school images any more . . .


  4. They probably have noooo idea that this pic ever saw the light of day. His wife probably told him she destroyed it. If he was a celeb of some fashion, you’d have a money maker there – he would most likely make you wealthy just to get it out of circulation. Once again, well done, good find!! Keep em coming…. we love them!

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    • I’d love this to be as special as that, but I would have to think VERY carefully about whether any amount of money was worth parting with this fella!

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  5. I kept on turning my head from side to side to see if it might make more sense if I looked at it upside down. But I couldn’t quite manage to get it round far enough. So then I stood on my head for a while, to see if that worked. Unfortunately, not only couldn’t I keep still enough to concentrate, and with too much blood flowing in the direction of my brain, I started to feel dizzy and had to go for a lie down. Not one to give up easy, I finally had the bright idea of turning my laptop upside down and almost broke the screen away from the keyboard before I manage to get it to stay still enough for long enough by using a few books. Anyway, to save everyone else the bother, as I’m sure I’m not the only one to think of this, the upshot is that it doesn’t make sense either way round.

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