New Teeth

A young man hiding a secret.


A bit older and no longer worried about his smile, but maybe he should have reconsidered that shirt?


Older still and more confident but there is something missing in his life . . .


It is amazing what a new set of teeth will do for a man!



  1. elmediat said:

    He pulled a smile out of his hat. 🙂

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  2. Where did you get all the photos of the same guy? I wasn’t sure if the first photo was a look alike, but the ears tell the tale, and he is posing in character. Nice smile at the end.

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    • Thanks Ted. They were sold individually on eBay some time back. I think there were a few more of him that I missed out on. He was a booth fanatic too! ❤️🌹❤️

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  3. She looks like the cat that got the cream in her 1960s crimpolene dress with the swirls, and her man in her arms.

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    • That didn’t go through properly! “She looks like the cat that got the cream!”

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    • Thanks for the detail about the dress Tony. I remember my grandmother sewing with crimpolene in the 1960s. She does look happy to have bagged this guy! 😃


  4. roberta m said:

    Very nice! And his teeth are perfect–good for him. Hopefully hers are also!

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  5. Honestly there should be a “love” button, these are terrific, leave it to you to come up with another great find! I agree with Xraypics – she does have that ‘smug’ look about her, they are both happy. Many improvements for him thru the ages, especially with the hairstyles – wow, that 3rd one is something! Great job once again K….. well done, looking forward to more, keep em comin’! Hugz

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    • I’m super chuffed at your comment. Thanks Vin!! 😃🌹 I will do my best at keeping up the posts. . .


  6. Val said:

    Haha! As I read ‘something missing from his life’ I thought “teeth!” 😉

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