Smoke Gets In Their Eyes

USA, early 1970s

In this strip of photos, on a first glance, it looks like an older girl is trying to corrupt a younger one. That is until you see that, if anything, the younger girl is doing the corrupting. In reality, despite the tie-less, pigtailed, schoolgirl look of the lass on the left, these two are probably the same age and well past the stage where smoking could be deemed to be quite so “naughty”. I’d say they were both in their twenties, or do you think they are younger than that?

If it were not for the fact that the cigarette is so perfectly formed and obviously not a hand rolled one, I’d think they were indulging in a joint, rather than a ciggie. I love the fact that the act of sharing a fag in a photobooth is so amusing to them both. And using a cigarette holder? How sophisticated, (or not!). I feel like the mirth is such that there must’ve been a reason for it. Could it have been induced by the fact they swiped the holder from a pretentious employer or older relative?

The way the girl on the right is blowing smoke directly at the camera, in the second shot, is nicely caught and the look of glee on both their faces makes me want to join in with the gag.

Isn’t the girl on the right stunningly beautiful, and all the more so for her beaming smile?

This was an incredibly generous gift from my friend Ted. He has sent me some magnificent strips over the past few years. This one surpasses them all! Thanks again, Ted!

  1. Your friend, Ted, found a gem or should I say, “gems.” I enjoyed your running commentary and the women’s great sense of fun!

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    • Thanks Rose. Ted is a gem, who I met through our mutual blogs. He spends a lot of time seeking out things for me. Envelopes appear in the post every couple of weeks. They brighten my limited life immeasurably.

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  2. roberta m said:

    Love the giggles! A good title for this set is simply “Mischief”. Very nice.

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  3. Now I am very motivated to go find my own photo booth photos to share with you. I know I have some that fall into the category of “women friends get into a photo booth together and behave like lunatics” category!

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  4. The girl on the right has a very typical hair style, 1970s, long, straight, middle parting, didn’t Cher wear hers like that?

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    • Re their hair, I agree, Tony.

      Re Cher, all styles and every variation, for her. It would be hard to pin her down to one “do” per month, let alone per decade. 😄

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  5. John said:

    Certainly not a doobie in that holder. I say they are early twenties or late teens.

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  6. You found it! When I saw this one I knew you Had to have it. I thought ‘Look there’s two Katherines in a photobooth’. I think they are drunk, looking at their eyes, and having fun. The cigarette holder is a nice touch, love you commentary.

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    • Thanks for compliment Ted. Two Katherines is a perfect reason for snaffling a strip. 😆. I do love this so much! Thanks again. 🌷❤️🌷


  7. stephen said:

    So many good stories could be found in this strip. Sneaking a smoke away from the watchful eyes on mom/dad. Makes me want to know more.

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  8. Katherine, I’m really curious about where you (and Ted and others) get these photos from?

    I’m reminded of the delightful film Amelie and how she’s intrigued by a mysterious man who keeps appearing in photobooth pictures and leaving his photos. He turns out to be a repairman testing the booths…

    I think I’ve only ever used a photobooth for official photos like for a driving licence or passport. Your blog is nudging me ever closer to finding and using one just for fun!

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    • Hi Dan,
      eBay is the main place for buying but there are one or two other online sites that I also use.

      Before Amelie came out, I’d already had the same experience of finding photos of the same man all over Melbourne and it had turned out to be the man who serviced the booths, just like in the film! I sat through it with ill-concealed glee as I knew who the mystery man was from the very beginning. 😃

      Get thee to a booth immediately! Everyone deserves to own a strip of funny booth pics. 😁

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      • That’s funny re the photo booth man! How did you first get involved and interested with photo booths?

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          • I’ll have a think about how to make them interesting…


        • When living in London in the late 80s, I had taken a few photos for identity cards and visas for travelling in Europe which was the beginning of The interest. I had also started to document my travels by using photobooths as I was too absent minded to remember to always have my SLR with me. Also in London, I started picking up discarded photos near the booths that were in every tube and overground station at the time. I think I mostly collected them as the bad photos were very amusing!

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          • So when you take photos of yourself when travelling, do you go for something themed on the place you’re visiting? I guess otherwise any photo booth image anywhere in the world looks much the same.

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  9. obenwa said:

    love the story you tell with this picture it adds so much more beauty to an already amazing photo

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  10. I’m so useless at guessing ages, but I’d say the girls were around 19, maybe 20? They look like they are having a proper giggle! Not sure I’d want to use the photo booth immediately after them though, haha!

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  11. Yes the girl on the right is very pretty. I’d say those photos are from late 70’s?
    What do you think?

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