Bows, Flowers, Curls – Girls!

Dressed identically, these two young women may be sisters, they could even possibly be twins. They both have similar hair, cheekbones, mouths, noses, eyes and even dimples. It is only their chins that make me doubt that they are related. Sisters or not, what would make two adult women wear the same outfits? My theory would be that they are part of a festival or carnival. Their necklaces appear to be made of plastic, a very cheap material in any era. Could they be hostesses at an event and this is their uniform?

I love the way they have posed together with their heads touching, both gazing directly and openly at the camera. It is a happy and intimate portrait.

It is so exciting to go out to my letterbox to discover a photobooth gift from a friend. It happens quite frequently and cheers me up a lot. It also makes me feel more connected to the world, when I am stuck at home so often. This gorgeous image was a gift from my friend Ted Strutz.

  1. They certainly look like they’re related to each other. It’s a very lively picture of them both.

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    • Hi Roy, I will now take it that they are definitely related, as you are a professional face studier! Thanks for commenting. ☺️


  2. Now aren’t that a lovely couple of ladies. Mother and daughter perhaps? The lady on the right has the same style of glasses and hair as my mother, whereas on the left she has a more 1950s style of hair and looks quite a bit younger than the other. As you point out, they’re dressed identically. I’d guess it was a special occasion they were hostessing, and the mother is really proud of her daughter, hence the photo. Anyway it’s such a happy photo, it makes me glad to have seen it.

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    • It briefly crossed my mind that they might be mother and daughter, Tony. I changed my mind as you can tell. I can definitely see what you mean. It is always interesting to see how differently people interpret faces and photos.

      I owe you an email! One day hopefully! 😉

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  3. What a sweet picture! They look like sisters to me. What immediately struck me about the picture, after their smiles, was their hair. It looks freshly permed.

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  4. We all need cheering up at the moment and your blog post has done the trick for me! These two ladies are certainly related (check out that dimple)! Stay safe in these crazy times, Kate.

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  5. I remember that one. I think you are right that they may be hostesses for some event, maybe in a club. I kind of think they are not related. Love the hair-dos. 50’s do you think?

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  6. simon robinson said:

    What a great find. Could it even be late 1940s? If not then early 1950s. They must have been on their way somewhere nice to have thought “let’s get a souvenir picture from the photobooth on the way”. Though that also suggests they were off somewhere they didn’t think there would be a photographer!

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    • Hi Simon, I didn’t even think about when it might have been taken. The 1950s sounds good to me. The possibility that they got the photo taken on their way somewhere hadn’t occurred to me. I had been thinking that perhaps there was a photobooth at the venue for the event. I do think you are right about there not being a photographer there, either way.


      • I think Simon is right. They wouldn’t have had photo booths at events then. I don’t think anyway maybe I’m wrong. They were on their way to the event and stopped into the phone booth at the train station to take their photo. Maybe it’s the one in Melbourne???

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        • Photobooths were very popular at county fares and events such as those in this era. I would agree that if it was a private party or wedding, there would not have been a Photobooth. I would love it if this photo has been taken in Melbourne! It definitely came from the USA, though.


  7. It’s lovely to hear friends send you pictures, that’s so sweet of them!👍 It’s a gorgeous picture… such pretty girls! If it had been taken in the UK I’d say it was possibly a holiday camp like Butlins as they often had photo booths in those holiday camp sites and staff on the camp often wore the same clothing. But obviously not in the UK… they look very American. Was there something similar to Butlins holiday camps in the USA I wonder?

    It looks like they lowered the seat in the booth because they’re looking up to the camera instead of straight on. A little bit like everyone takes their selfies today. It’s an old photographers portrait trick to make faces more attractive. I wonder if they read about that somewhere… or maybe worked for a photographer, or worked in entertainment of some kind? I remember photo booth seats in the early 70s in the UK were adjustable. I was never tall enough to reach the camera so the seat would be spun round until it was at it’s highest and I was lifted onto it. I’m so glad I grew up!!😅

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    • I really don’t know if they had adult holiday camps in the USA. I’m very familiar with Butlins, and the like, through Carry On movies and from having lived in the UK for almost 7 years.

      Yes, these are American. Funny how it is so obvious.

      My apologies for not finding your comments sooner. I do appreciate them!

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