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The Kills are an indie rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince. They used photobooth photos to promote their albums and concerts for many years. The collection they present on their website, here, is extensive and fun for a lover of booth photos to explore.


The sleeve of their début EP (2002), Black Rooster, (below) featured manipulated photos of Mosshart and Hince taken in a photobooth.


Their second single,  Fried My Little Brains (below), from their first album also featured a photobooth photo for the cover art.


With not a clue in the world what the band sounded like, I took a punt and purchased their début album (below) Keep on Your Mean Side (2003) from which the above single was taken. I thought that if I didn’t like the music, the cover would be a nice addition to my photobooth ephemera collection. I loved it on the first listening. I was very happy that their music rocked as much as their obsession with photobooths!

POST SCRIPT – Since writing this post a fortnight ago, I have bought a second album, Midnight Boom (2008). I love this band!

photoboothTheKillsAlbumCover Keep on your mean side


And who would have thought that emminent British artist Tracey Emin would take after me?

… it’s striking that there are so many photos of Tracey alone in photo booths, when most people are always crowded out with friends.

‘I was trying to see what I looked like. It was almost like the mirror didn’t work and I had to have this other proof of who I was.

‘I don’t like looking in a mirror. I look because I have to make sure my hair is tidy and my spot isn’t too big and I haven’t got any junk in the corner of my eye, and to make sure everything’s tucked in and it looks all right, that’s it. I’m not interested in looking in the mirror to see my reflection, I don’t think I ever have been.’

Image and quote taken from this Mail Online article. This is a link to Tracey’s website.

In February last year I did a post about Damian Michaels whose altered, photobooth self-portrait I had purchased on Ebay a few weeks earlier. As a result of that purchase and an admiration of his work, I decided to commission him to alter one of my photobooth strips. The finished work can be seen below along with the original strip. photobooth11:08:2009No.3 I was very pleased with the results. My favourite image being the last of the three. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, below. You can find out more about Damian and his work by following the links below.

  • At Raw Vision, Colin Rhodes writes about Damian's underlying creative processes.
  • Damian's Flickr Photostream where you can see more of his altered photos and other works.
  • His facebook page
  • and Damian's website where you can buy copies of his publication Art Visionary magazine

Damian Michaels is an American artist, writer, curator and publisher who has lived in Melbourne since 1994. His work is part of the outsider art movement. Outsider art is a label created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture. Often, outsider art illustrates extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds. Damian sees his art as spiritual, psychological and an emotional mirror to the collective consciousness. His art is revelatory and message-laden but that message is for the viewer to interpret. It is not prescribed by the artist. This altered photobooth self-portrait is part of a series of works Damian has done using photographs old and new, as his canvas. Apart from loving this as the only piece of photobooth art I have in my collection, I enjoy its movement and humour. For me, it is an appropriate self-portrait of a man with a creative spirit and an apparently great sense of fun. To see more of his work and read more about him, follow the links below.

  • At Raw Vision, Colin Rhodes writes about Damian's underlying creative processes.
  • Damian's Flickr Photostream where you can see more of his altered photos and other works.
  • His facebook page
  • and Damian's website where you can buy copies of his publication Art Visionary magazine

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