A Commissioned Work By Damian Michaels

In February last year I did a post about Damian Michaels whose altered, photobooth self-portrait I had purchased on Ebay a few weeks earlier. As a result of that purchase and an admiration of his work, I decided to commission him to alter one of my photobooth strips. The finished work can be seen below along with the original strip.

photoboothDamianMichaelsof KGphotobooth11:08:2009No.3

I was very pleased with the results. My favourite image being the last of the three. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, below.

You can find out more about Damian and his work by following the links below.

  • At Raw Vision, Colin Rhodes writes about Damian’s underlying creative processes.
  • Damian’s Flickr Photostream where you can see more of his altered photos and other works.
  • His facebook page
  • and Damian’s website where you can buy copies of his publication Art Visionary magazine
  1. gretafrancis2011 said:

    I think the second and third pics work, but the top one isn’t as well defined. As one complete piece it is fun and innovative. Wanna share how much it cost to commission, Kath?


  2. I think all three are wonderful. The first has a 1940s vibe to it but also could go Elizabethan. The second a nice Aubrey Beardsley feeling. And the last has the wonderful trees from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I remember being at a gallery at Lake Tahoe and seeing a series of interesting paintings with very distinct trees. I said to my friend that they reminded me of Sleeping Beauty. The gallery employee overheard me and told me that indeed the artist had been one of the background artists for years at Disney and had worked on Sleeping Beauty.


  3. Lisa said:

    Ah, I love the last one too – so mysterious, you look lovely.


  4. nakki said:

    love the images.. You look beautiful in all 3 frames…Michael’s work enchants me or disturbs me….Either. way he is super talented,,
    What a great idea to commission him


    • Thanks Nakki. Did you see the post of the original photobooth strip he did? It inspired me to ask him to work on a strip of mine.


  5. Mike said:

    I rather like the first and third. The first has an air of elegance about it and in the third you appear a tad vulnerable in a spooky setting.


    • Spooky, yes. I like Tattered and Lost’s interpetation (Comment above) of it as part of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. That was a bit of a spooky story for me when I was little.


  6. This is very cool! I like them all, especially the first and third (if I had to pick a favourite, probably the third) – for some reason these two intrigue me more and hint at some sort of story behind them.


    • Great comment! For me it is so much a part of this blog to look for hidden stories in the photos. I haven’t really been able to interpret the stories in these myself but I know they are in there. I need more time to see them at more of a distance.


  7. I thought that girl looked familiar.

    I love the first one. Brings to mind the Virgin Mary or maybe Joan of Arc… Pious and Brave. The second one looks like a mug shot at a Sherriff’s Station that has a fancy backdrop. I’m getting a very Kafkaesque vibe from #3.

    Such an interesting art form. I see the Disney look. And Beardsley as Tattered suggests… Yes.

    Cool idea and execution, Damian… It must have been a joy to work with such an alluring subject.


  8. ehpem said:

    They are all very interesting and emphasize the differences you achieved in the originals. I too like the last one the best – very organic.


    • Yes, the last one seems to have been generally most popular. Thanks for commenting, Mr E!


  9. Kris said:

    Number three is my favorite too. Beautiful!


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