Lanie’s Growing Family

It is always fun to see how other people use photobooths to record special events or to just have some fun. As a result of the threatened closure of the Flinders Street photobooth, I’ve found out a lot more about how Melbournians have used this booth and how important it has been in their lives.

A particularly fun set of images came to my attention recently. Lanie and her husband have been collecting booth images for sometime. She continues the story –

Every year on 4 January, or close to, we get a photo at the Flinders Street booth. It’s our anniversary. The collection of black and white photos marks so many milestones. Footloose young sweethearts, my bulging belly pregnant with our first child, then babies and children emerge in the photos, as the years progress. There have been 9 photos so far… I hope dozens more to come!

You can see some details from the above strips, below. The second one down is of Lanie’s husband, kissing her belly when she was 6 months pregnant with their first child. Speaking of which, I have another pregnant belly photo to show you very soon.


  1. roberta m said:

    Nice tradition–so glad they can continue!

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  2. John said:

    Amazing watching the family grow! ❤️😎


  3. Val said:

    What fun! 🙂
    How come photobooths there took/take better photos than photobooths here did? Ours always seemed to have horrible lighting that made people look ill.

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    • I guess that could’ve been bad luck, Val, but there were some here like that, too. It can depend on the cleanliness of the chemicals as much as the lighting.

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    • They aren’t mine, Catherine but I’m sure Lanie will do something special with them in order to hand them on to her kids.


  4. Kate, the only photo booths we have around here these days are digital, basically a Canon DSLR connected to a PC with a booth built around them. I’m curious as to whether you have an interest in ALL photobooth images, or just those made with film and chemicals?

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    • I’m mostly excited by chemical booths (no film, as they use a direct positive process) but I use digital booths when I cannot get to one of the last two dip ‘n’ dunk booths left in Melbourne. As the format is different, there are different creative opportunities with digital booths but they are just not going to last as well, are they? Seems wasteful and sad to me.


      • There are a few (digital) booths local to me, and major supermarkets tend to have one more often than not. There are also shops (often chemists/pharmacies) that also do the equivalent photos for ID cards, passports etc, but they use a DSLR these days and still charge £5+ for the pleasure.

        My wife had a photo booth at her birthday party a couple of years ago, which is assembled at the venue (again it’s a Canon DSLR, PC and printer in a unit then the rest of the booth is constructed around it like a more robust version of a tent almost) and comes with an attendant and a box of fancy dress stuff. That was fun to use. You get four shots per go and they come out on one postcard in a matrix.

        I guess there will come a time when we all have finger print or retina ID and we won’t need to carry other photo ID so the booths eventually will be redundant. They’re not really promoted here as anything to use for fun, purely as a way to get an approved photo for official ID.

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        • The digital ones can be fun. I have a large series that my sister sent to me from an Irish wedding she attended. Five quid a pop is too expensive to use just for fun, though. Given it probably costs them less than a pound to produce, 2 would be more reasonable and still profitable.


  5. wonderful idea and images… …that really emphasize your idea of this blog sharing all that. Thank you, Kathy 😊👍🏼💫✨

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