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This fabulous photobooth photo and the story behind it, was emailed to me by artist and fellow blogger Ted Giffin.

This is the story –

On the left is Shannon. She was my sweet 16 girlfriend. I followed her around like a puppy. She moved from Indiana to Virginia Beach, Virginia. She went to the governor’s art school where she met Kathy a.k.a Guido, also an artist. She is on the right.

These two girls changed the course of my life. I believed that if I could make art like these two, then I would be beautiful. During my Freshmen year at Art School, Shannon, who at the time loved tape, taped this in my sketchbook. I had been carrying it around in my wallet, with a guitar pick. That blotch on the image, is worn in by the outline of the pick. As you may notice, they were “goth” punks at the time.

This image was made in a Virginia Beach photobooth, circa 1988. It is still taped into that, almost 30 year old, sketchbook…

I absolutely love it. If it hadn’t been accidentally changed by its time in a wallet, you could almost call it a piece of altered art. I also love Ted’s visual art works, which you can see here.


The one that got away.


The one that I bought.

This wonderful young woman, Drene, appeared in numerous photos that were recently for sale on Ebay. I tried, to the extremes of my finances, to get the top photo, but missed out. I was luckier for number two.

Isn’t she a 60s Goth-Girl stunner? Did they even have Goths back then? I often look back on my youthful conservative style and wish I had had more courage to be different. This girl had no such inhibitions.

The photo I bought has “To Adele love Drene 1/11/1964” written on the back. It comes from the USA.

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