Bouffant Bat-Girl And Her Twin Loopy-Leopard


The one that got away.


The one that I bought.

This wonderful young woman, Drene, appeared in numerous photos that were recently for sale on Ebay. I tried, to the extremes of my finances, to get the top photo, but missed out. I was luckier for number two.

Isn’t she a 60s Goth-Girl stunner? Did they even have Goths back then? I often look back on my youthful conservative style and wish I had had more courage to be different. This girl had no such inhibitions.

The photo I bought has “To Adele love Drene 1/11/1964” written on the back. It comes from the USA.

  1. Those eybrows on the first image…wow! C’mon now, she’s got to be part elf. I love the bouffant style.


    • Totally Elvish, Ms Ziggy! RE Hair – Me, too. It is the biggest bee-hive I have ever seen and worn with such aplomb.


  2. Mike said:

    Damn, a 1964 vampire! The top picture will keep me awake, and not in a good way.


    • Yes, she could be Vampira’s cousin or a star in a Russ Meyer film – Faster, Leopard-Cat! Kill! Kill!


  3. Lisa said:

    Oh. My god, Katherine – these women are amazing! I think you lucked out on the second photo. She has such style in that gorgeous leopard coat.


  4. Paul J. Stam said:

    Ah, I remember the style well. I remember the first time I saw a bouffant. It was in 1951. I was in the Navy stationed in Brooklyn and went to a movie in Radio City Music Hall. I couldn’t figure out how she kept her hair up like that.


  5. ehpem said:

    Oh my! I think you did pretty well on this one. Though that top shot would be worth owning just for the eyebrows, even with normal hair. Looks like you could hang coats from them if you needed to.


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