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One of the original photobooth strips and the prop

Kate Aston is studying photography through Express Your Vision with the Open College of the Arts in Wiltshire, UK. She photographs the familiar and the forgotten from a feminist perspective. The assignments from the course are worked through in steps which Kate documents on her blog. Her posts include feedback from her tutors and reflections on her assignments.

One assignment topic was Collecting. The suggested areas of focus were heads, crowds or views. Kate chose heads. Due to the almost exclusive focus on heads in photobooth photos, she thought it the best photographic tool to use to investigate that topic. She chose a Sainsburys PhotoMe colour booth, to make her exploration.

An exploration of the use of die cutting.

Kate’s research page includes links to past photobooth events, photobooth artists such as Liz Rideal (Liz’s site includes a brief history of the photobooth), Elizabeth Fearon, Tomoko Sawada (I LOVE her work!), Sabine Delafon, Marco Ferrari (who I have featured on this blog, here and here) and Juan Pablo Echeverri, an extract from ‘American Photobooth’ by artist, photobooth historian and collector Näkki Goranin, and a link to this blog, amongst others. To go to her research page, please click here. If you love photobooths and photobooth art, there is so much to explore there.

I have found it fascinating to see Kate’s progress through this assignment and her other areas of work. To go directly to the complete photobooth based assignment, please click here.

A page from the finished artwork, which is a complete photo album.

You can see a video of the album here: You will need the password smileplease .

Taking the photos.

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