No Booths In South America

Quito Photo Studio, 18 May 1989

Quito Photo Studio 1 June 1989

Foto Gitano La Paz August 1989

South America, 1989

My collection includes any small portrait photograph, so where there were no booths, I sought out a studio photographer.   I had exhausted my supply of photos taken in England, so after two months on the road with my English travelling companion Helen White, I decided to restock.  The photo taken in May 1989, above, was the result of a sitting at a small atelier in Quito, Ecuador.  At the time I hated this photo.  I have never really liked my hair tied back.  However, the fact that it had been re-touched enticed me to have another go.  Helen was also intrigued by my first results, so two weeks later we headed back for my second sitting and Helen’s first. My vanity was satisfied by the second finished print. Helen’s was a masterpiece! 

Some two months later, having again depleted my supply of visa ready photos, a.k.a. swap-pics, I again found a small studio to feed my developing habit.  I didn’t choose as well, this time.  The photos were poorly focused and developed.  You can see the chemical stains in the scans.  I didn’t think they would stand the test of time, yet here they are 22 years later looking as tatty and old as the day I got them.

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