South America Preparations

Visa Photo 1989

March 1989, London

This photo was taken in a photobooth in a camping goods store near Covent Garden Market in 1989, just prior to my departure from London for a 6 month trip to South America.  As the guide book had recommended having several strips of passport sized photographs ready for each border crossing and visa extensions (if needed), I sat in the booth for 5 successive strips, all very much alike but with this po-faced expression getting sourer each time.  The booth was an incredibly busy one.  I had to wait for two other sitters to get their pics taken before it was my turn.  I remember feeling quite annoyed by a pair of Australian girls who were next in the queue.  They were loudly taking the mickey out of me for taking so many photos of myself at one go.  My expressions reflected my growing irritation.

This is only one of two that I have left from the trip.  As predicted, I needed many of the photos for my travels and I traded many with other travellers.  I hope the recipients do not remember me in quite the way the I am depicted in the photos.

  1. Lisa said:

    I really love your blog – and this photo is amazing!


    • Thanks Lisa. I will check back to see more of your blog and hope you will visit mine again sometime soon.


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