Introducing My Sister

Sue Griffiths (Top) and Fran

Please meet my sister Sue, who currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.  This is the earliest photobooth photo that I have of my darling sister.  I have many, many in my collection, including one which is probably my all-time favourite photobooth pic.  More photos of Sue will be posted over time, if I can get away with it!

Sue, (alone in the top photo), is seen here with school friend Fran Doherty.  According to Sue, they were both around 18 years old at the time this was taken, making the date of this picture 1986. I love the graffiti on the back screen of the booth.

  1. Sue said:

    I was 18 in 1986!!! I’m sooooo old!!! Tim calls that my “Bros” faze!!


  2. Yes, yes you were! I have changed it to the correct date. You are definitely looking every bit the 80s girl that is for sure. Bros though? I hope not. I have a cool one of Bronnie from around the same era which I will post soon. xxx.


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