Movie of You

I was thrilled to be the only bidder on this rare photobooth lenticular photo.  It is made up of three exposures taken in succession on the same frame. The frame is placed under a lined sheet of acetate and when tilted appears to show movement.

In this example the lady’s eyes shift from the centre, then to the side and her mouth opens and closes. It is unfortunate that in the position needed to make a scan of the image, the sitter looks slightly cross-eyed.  What you can see above is actually parts of two of the three individual exposures.  For more information about these fabulous booth photos see Näkki Goranin’s book American Photobooth.

  1. Lisa said:

    That is a fantastic find! I want to learn more about these – thanks for sharing this.


    • Thanks, Lisa. I am soooooo pleased with it!! The only other one I’ve ever found was on Ebay for $199.99, which I didn’t buy. I paid a lot less than that for this one!


  2. Lisa said:

    I am still amazed that photo booth pictures are selling for that much money! But given how tiny they are, and fragile, it’s a miracle if they’ve last so long (especially ones from the ’30s).


  3. I realized I wasn’t navigating your archives properly, and had missed some of the early posts. (When I clicked on the month of October, the page didn’t load all the posts automatically.) So I’ve gone back and looked at the ones I missed. It would be a shame to miss ANY of them!

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