Photomaton Tokens

I do not know much about tokens for photobooth machines but they are highly sought after by collectors.  They were used to replicate the size and weight of an American coin in countries where they were not used as currency i.e. everywhere other than the USA.  I presume it saved the manufacturers of the booths having to adjust each machine for the varying coin sizes in each destination country.  It seems there were many types of token available in each country, this one having been made for the Nouvelles Galeries (now Galeries Lafayette) department store in Paris.

  1. Paul J. Stam said:

    Fascinating. You are enlightening me. Are photobooths still in vogue, or have digital cameras replaced them?


    • Hi Paul! They have a certain level of “retro cred” but the ones I like most, the B&W chemical booths are harder and harder to find. There are still plenty of digital booths around. Most of my recent photos for the 421 year project are from digital machines.


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