Carte “Jeunes”

Travel Card

October 1993, Annecy

I started my French lessons in Annecy on the 4th of October. I boarded with Madame and Monsieur Petit in Seynod, just outside Annecy.  They were an amazing couple.  Raymond had asked his wife Rolande to marry him when they were reasonably young, then took 12 years to agree to a wedding date.  By the time they were married it was too late for them to have their own children, so they started fostering.  They had raised over twenty kids, some from babies. All had grown up by the time I arrived. Needless to say they had plenty of room to accommodate foreign guests.

This photo was taken at the train station on the day I was dropped there by the coach from London, while I waited to be collected by the Petits.

  1. Brian Leahy said:

    Ah if we had only known B4 we went to Annecy in June 2011, we could have visited les Petits. we stayed in a farmhosuse at Le Pessay (je crois!!). Maybe next time, peut-etre.


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