Rosie Time Machine

I first met Rosie in London, when she was 7 years old. I was one of the many boarders from around the world that her mum took in. Although none of the above photos are dated, the second pic is how I remember her looking at that age.  Ros came to visit me in Australia when she was 16, for a one month stay and we catch up via email and whenever I visit London. I think of her as my second little sister and love her dearly. When she was ten or eleven she gave me a new nick name, Kitty. Ros was the first person to call me that, which I found delightful!  She more often calls me Kit-Kat these days.

Now in her early thirties, Ros is newly married and a successful academic. She still has the same cheeky sparkle in her eyes that she did when she was little.

  1. Talk about a transformation. What a lovely set of images to have, and she will surely love them decades from now.


    • She gave me all these photos, or her mum did, to be more accurate, so it will be me who treasures them for decades! I hope one day she will find a booth and get a photo of her wee family of three to send to me!

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