April Fools – 1 April 1994


April 1994, London

I had finished my studies in Annecy and was back in the UK to get a new French visa and find myself another job, aiming for a situation in Paris, doing what, I wasn’t yet sure. Moana was also back in the UK and working in Blackpool in her profession of journalism. We met up in London so I could catch up on all the gossip that hadn’t been revealed in the copious long letters we had written to each other in the previous 9 months.

Home was once again West Norwood. I was accepted back into the Holbrook fold where I was relishing the friendship and comforts that always welcomed me there and the fun and games that living with two kids always offered.

This strip of Moana and I was taken at Oxford Circus tube station on April Fool’s Day. It must have been windy as both of our “coifs” are standing on end in a bizarrely similar way.  What else was achieved that day? I have no idea. Whatever it was, what mattered, for we erstwhile Latin American adventurers, was that we did it together.

  1. Vincent Jones said:

    Fascinated by your site…wish my memory was as good as yours. I’ve done a similar thing, but joined all the photos together to form a “flick” book…could I give you the link? intersted to see what you think!…http://youtu.be/eBU9OTLsOFc


    • Love it Vincent! Would I be able to get your permission to do a blog post about it sometime?


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