Ma and Pa Make Me Laugh

Although I didn’t manage to get my Mum and Dad into a photobooth in London, they promised to keep an eye out for a booth on their travels.  They posted this to me when they returned to Australia.  It cracked me up. I love Dad’s stunned mullet look and the action of his leaving the booth before the last shot was taken. It still makes me smile. Mum is looking joyous: she was very excited by her European travel adventure.

This pic was taken in Switzerland in May 1994.  My Mum had never left Australia before and it was only my Dad’s second overseas trip, having come over to London for the first time in 1989 to nurse me after I was discharged from Hither Green Hospital .

    • Ha, ha. Tee, hee. They still have fun together even though Dad is trying to cultivate his inner curmudgeon. He want to be a grumpy old man but is failing miserably!

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  1. elmediat said:

    A perfect capture of personality and moment in time – pro photographers work so hard for such compositions. 🙂

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  2. deine Papa seht ähnlich von Heilmut Kohl ehemalige Kanzler von Deutschland !!
    Your daddy looks similar to Heilmut Kohl, former Chancellor of Germany!!


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