Alex – Motorcycle Poseur

May 1994, Paris

Alex was my charge for three months whilst working as a nanny in Paris. He was a happy, intelligent child who loved to get in there, help and do. Like many boys of 18 months, he loved motorcycles and any type of shiny, large, noisy vehicle. Once aware of his passion, I would get him out of his buggy and let him sit on one or more of the parked motorcycles we regularly passed on our frequent walks to the Eiffel Tower park. I often wondered if he gave his mum hell, after I left, trying to get her to do the same.

We were once stopped by a group of tourists who asked for me to put Alex on a particularly cool and powerful looking bike.  He then posed outrageously while they took multiple snaps. Unfortunately I had no camera of my own to capture his extremely cute mugging.

This photo of Alex  and me was taken on 31 May at one of Paris’s many metro stations.

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