Cherie Time Machine

My relationship with Cherie is an unusual one. I don’t know her and I didn’t find her photos online or in a junk shop. In 1997, I wrote to New Idea Magazine about my photobooth collection and plans for an exhibition, which unfortunately never eventuated. I asked if any of their readers would like to contribute pictures. I received two replies, Cherie’s being one of them. She wrote a short note saying “I hope these help you out… please send a photo of the finished project”. I replied to say thank you, as she had included her return address in Walloon, Queensland, but as the project didn’t happen, I never contacted her again.

So after 14 years, these are Cherie’s pictures. It was too much to hope that anyone with her name was still living at the address I have, but there are a few others with the same surname living elsewhere in Queensland. Now the hunt begins to find her and tell her what happened to her cool pics. Wish me luck!

  1. wow… it is a time machine indeed… well technology improves over time and you can find most people on facebook… like me :). two things i would like to share… one is that 3 years ago my house burnt down and i lost everything i own… including all my pictures… so these bring a smile to my face… and secondly i am now a professional practicing artist and i remember now sending these thinking what a cool art project it could be!… blast from the past indeed. thanks for sharing these!

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  2. elmediat said:

    Glad you found her. Her blog is no longer active, but she has a online presence . It id interesting how, like photobooth portraits, we are now leaving a digital trail of artifacts to be explored and commented on. 🙂

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    • Interesting thought. How long do you think the digital trail will last? Does it rely on servers that hold the information remaining active? What if the company that stores it goes broke? Is it really true that once something is online, it is there forever? Too many questions. Maybe I should google them all!

      I sent these photos back to Cherie, so only have them in digital form . I hope WP won’t disappear along with all our hard work!

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      • elmediat said:

        I suspect that unless there is a digital archive somewhere, some things may disappear if the company ceases to maintain its infrastructure. However, there is the possibility of work being copied and shared, if only in portions. That is why they say things never disappear. Say something or post a questionable image and copies may proliferate.

        Perhaps future techno-archaeologist will find the means of reconstructing it all. At some distant point in the future they may be reading this, if so, hi. 😀

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        • Yes! That is cool. Hello future tellurians! Do you still recognise this language without the need for a translator? You must be working on a very specific theme for your thesis/doctorate to have searched in the bowels of WordPress to find this. I hope your studies go well and that your supervisor is pulling her/his weight and giving you plenty of guidance. I’m Kate and it was Mr E. Who started the conversation!

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