G’day Back-at-cha!

This wonderful, creative strip of pics was sent to me from London in 1991 as a birthday present from my South American travelling companion, Helen. It is one of my all-time favourite pressies.

She is pictured in both these booth photos with her boyfriend of the time, David.

  1. David said:

    Well…. This has taken me way back.


    • Hello my dear! How did you hear about this? Are you still a juice entrepreneur? Have you seen the pics of Moana? Great to hear from you, Mr Bliss!


    • Hmmmmmm, been a keen skateboarder since 1976, have we? We are showing our age! Googled you and found the profile on the Impact Factory site. Sounds like a great job. Hope you are really happy!


      • David said:

        You’ll be pleased to know that I’m still skateboarding and don’t forget I was a baby when I first started.

        I found you searching ‘photo booth’. I’ve had a similar fascination for those little photo strips. When I downloaded the photo booth app for my iPad, I thought I’d have a random search.

        I was actually amazed at seeing Helen and I. I remember taking those pics so clearly, and obviously haven’t seen them since.

        I love your site, it’s brought back many memories, and yes I’m very happy.

        Hope life is good with you.

        Mr Bliss. X


  2. Sick as a dog! Got ME and the blog is my therapy. Glad you are happy, me too despite shitty illness. That is so cool that you found those pics that way! Good luck David, and glad to hear from you.


  3. David said:

    Sorry to hear you’ve got ME. How long has it been, and what’s the prognosis? I have to say if the blog is your therapy then I’m sure it’s working.

    You know, I used to have quite a few photo booth strips of anonymous people that I used to find and collect, going back to the eighties. I have no idea where they are now. Although I still have boxes and boxes in my Mum’s attic. Next time I’m home I’ll have a look. Take it easy and keep in touch. X


  4. Yep, blogging is therapy but I think I may have been overdoing it – I feel particularly awful at the moment. I love it as it is the only creative thing I can do while lying down. Still haven’t got Frida Kahlo’s painting set up to do messy art in bed.

    If you have any booth pics that you’d like to share, PLEASE do! And also give my regards to your Mum. I only met her once or twice but I was really taken with her and remember her most fondly.
    xx. Kathy


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