Cherie Time Machine Update

Cherie and Kelly

Cherie and Eileen

Cherie Passport Photo 1995

On the 7th of November I posted a story about Cherie who had sent me some photos, after I wrote to New Idea Magazine about my photobooth collection. I asked if any of their readers would like to contribute pictures and Cherie responded. Since publishing the post I have been busily trying to find Cherie and my darling Facebook came to my aid. I wasn’t sure if I was contacting the right Cherie as the surname had changed, but the face in her profile sure looked familiar.

Cherie 2011

Once I had established I had the correct Cherie, I sent her a link to her Time Machine. She responded with the comment below –

wow… it is a time machine indeed… well technology improves over time and you can find most people on facebook… like me :) . two things i would like to share… one is that 3 years ago my house burnt down and i lost everything i own… including all my pictures… so these bring a smile to my face… and secondly i am now a professional practicing artist and i remember now sending these thinking what a cool art project it could be!… blast from the past indeed. thanks for sharing these!

Later in a follow-up email she told me more –

I grew up as an airforce brat (my father was in the airforce)…so i moved around very often and also overseas so i had plenty of these photobooth photos of friends from all over … these 3 are – 
The black and white one is me and a friend Kelly Woodhouse when we were at high school… maybe 1997-98. It would have been Ringwood shopping centre Victoria. I was only 13-14 years old then!
No.2 is a pic of me and my best friend from art school Eileen Potter… we would have been at art school then! 1994 i think. Midland TAFE Perth W.A. We were 19-20 years old. 
The solo pic is my passport photo for when i travelled to the U.K. in 1995… for 9 months… as a nanny for some time and then the rest of the time …. party animal :)… i turned 21 that year in London.

Please check out Cherie’s artist page. She is currently being represented by Art and Soul Gallery in Boonah, Queensland. You can also see more of her work at her blog, the address of which I am hoping Cherie will supply in a comment, as I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get back to it! From her blog I remember that she is a mum to five boys, (FIVE!!) and that she is working towards a new exhibition.

I am so thrilled to have found one of my long lost photobooth sitters. As the blog grows and more people read it, who knows how many more might turn up?

PS I have packed up the photos to return to Cherie. Hopefully they will be posted this week-end.

  1. Xsi said:

    This is so cool. It is all so cool.WOW Kath!!!!!!!


  2. my blog is and thankyou for the return of these photos… was a pleasure to see them again x cherie


  3. Thanks for letting me use them, Cherie. Please let your friends know about your two mentions here. Good luck with your new exhibition. K


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