The Dimmest Man On The Planet?

I quite often buy photos based on the title used by the seller. Of course the price has to be right and there needs to be something else that appeals; a look in the eye, a familiarity of features, a special item being worn or held. However, some of the more creative titles make imaginary theories about a person’s life spring so readily to mind, that it can be the deciding factor on whether to purchase or not.

This poor guy, listed under the title – THE MOST BORING MAN on THE PLANET! – got my sympathy. What was he trying to do? He looks completely unaware of the reason he got into the booth. Could it be that he didn’t realise that the flashes indicated the pictures were being taken? To me it looks as though he is still waiting for something to happen. Maybe he still is…

  1. Lisa said:

    It’s pretty amazing how the second and third stills look almost exactly the same. He must not have moved for at least 10 seconds to get those so perfectly matched!


    • It is stunningly strange that they are so similar. I think he must still be sitting there wondering what is going on!


  2. m5son said:

    How funny is this! This is one Barney Fife looking dude. If his eyes were any farther apart they would be on his ears.


  3. Oh! Don Knotts! My photobooth man does look a bit like him. I loved Don when I was little. I remember him in some old kid’s movies. The Ghost and Mr Chicken springs to mind. When I lived in Arizona in 2009 I saw a few repeats of The Andy Griffiths Show and seeing him as Barney but the surname didn’t ring any bells. Good old Google!


  4. Seriously Katherine you need to compile these all into a book or write a book as you are so good at descriptive passages.


  5. gretafrancis2011 said:

    I think he must still be there…


  6. vindi85 said:

    omg… i am sooooo laffin….. that is hysterical!!!


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