SHE Heard HER Broken Heart…

In my post She Heard Her Broken Heart Would Heal in Time I mused about the possibility that the subject (above) may have been a man, not a woman. I had comments from people who thought “definitely” a man, another saying she looks like a cartoon, (yes, she does!) and that she is very androgenous etc.

I have since found for sale, from the same on-line merchant, more photos of the same subject.  I am much closer to believing it is a lady but still not 100% sure.  If it is a bloke, then he was very consistent in his depiction of his feminine persona.  Any thoughts?

  1. With the longer, more visible hair in the second set of pictures, the person does look more like a woman.
    I suppose it’s the nose, disproportionately long for a woman’s face, that makes us think this is a man dressed in women’s clothes.
    The lipstick and rouge in the first picture are also rather clumsily applied, which might suggest a man in the first stages of transformation to woman.
    Unsure now! I wonder would we all have had the same response if we’d seen the other photos first?
    All best,


    • No, you are right but In the first picture, the shadow made me think it was there. Definitely a woman, I’d say, now.


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