What the…?

It seems sellers are getting just a little carried away in their pricing of booth photos online. This may be rare, but at this frankly hysterical price, I think his chances of finding a buyer are very slim indeed. Must say though, the audacity of this asking price has its appeal!

  1. m5son said:

    Well now I know what I can leave my son as an inheritance. He will get the strip of 4 photobooth pics we took when he was just a lad.


    • Tee hee! Won’t he be DELIGHTED! Speaking of your booth photos, I’m ready to get those scans from you for my time machine section. Do you have a facebook account, Mike? I could send you my email address in a private message from there.


  2. m5son said:

    I do have a facebook account……..Michael Fiveson
    I’ll go look for the pics and scan them.


  3. m5son said:

    Scanned and ready for further instructions. Over and out.


  4. gretafrancis2011 said:

    This is funny. I can’t imagine anyone would be so stupid as to pay that much!


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