Happy New Year!

With party hats and cheeky glints in their eyes, this lovely older couple look to me to be celebrating something. Was it the arrival of a new year?  These undated photos were taken in a photomatic photobooth at the Hotel Morton – “Rich in the things that make people happy”- in Atlantic City, USA, probably in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

This photo, the third in the series was also taken at the Hotel Morton, on a different day but, no doubt, on the same visit.

According to the postcard, below, the Hotel Morton was noted for its homelike atmosphere and excellent cuisine. It was centrally located and close to beaches, the Boardwalk and the Steel Pier. The hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Atlantic County, New Jersey on July 15, 1977 and then inexplicably demolished  around 1985.  The site is now occupied by the Trump Taj Mahal, a casino. Ah, progress!

Hotel Morton Circa 1945

Printing on the back of each photo.

  1. m5son said:

    I have been in the that Trump, Taj Mahal, and it would have been better to have left something of substance, like the Hotel Morton. But money talks, eh.

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    • Wow, you’ve been there! Is it awful or fun? (This is my reply from January 2012. I used the new comment box instead of the reply to comment box. Ugh!)


      • Mike said:

        It was like every other failing casino in Atlantic City. Gaudy, mostly empty, and trashy. There was noting that stood out about it that would suggest the nasty and hateful SOB that you see as the president of this once fine country.

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        • We all weep for the USA and for the world. It is upsetting and embarrassing. We feel for you.

          Most casinos are trashy. . .


          • Mike said:

            Upsetting, embarrassing, and all a backlash to having had a black president who was brilliant and real. We are, I fear, a deeply divided and significantly stupid people.

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            • I hadn’t ever thought of it as a backlash against Obama. If it makes you feel any better we can be equally stupid here in Oz. Our publicity machine for “dumb-arse” isn’t quite as big as yours.


  2. So sad the old hotel was torn down and a travesty put in its place! Cheeky glints-I love that phrase and plan to make use of it in my blog!

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    • He he! 😃 It is a cute expression. ☺️

      Rereading the post just now, I feel sick to find Trump is mentioned on my blog! At least it shows what a scoundrel he was. I’m sure the demolition was at his hands. 😡

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      • We’re just calling him the buffoon now. Well I am anyway. Everything he touches turn to you know what and I don’t mean gold! I’m sure you’re right about the demo of the old hotel.

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        • I’m hoping any damage he does will be easily overturned when he is gone. What really astonishes me (apart from the fact he got to where he is) is that he surrounds himself with other buffoons!

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  3. That is interesting that the photo came out framed. Oh by the way… talking about ‘cheeky’… check out the little girl above right.

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