Fairy Floss Found Photo – Luna Park, Melbourne

This is a wonderful series of photos of a pair of older lovers eating the yummy carnival confection, known in Australia as fairy floss. To me this is a treasure that shows spontaneity, joy, fun, sharing, love. Isn’t it lovely the way the woman’s partner is looking at her in the fourth picture?

I don’t mind that she closed her eyes in the third pic, but maybe she didn’t like it. Whatever the reason, as with so many of my other jewels, it was binned. I can’t help thinking that it must have been thrown away especially for me to find to love and treasure. Thanks guys!

This strip of photobooth photos was found in a bin at Melbourne’s Luna Park amusement palace, on the 25th of November 2000.

  1. Fairy floss & Luna Park- lovely sticky pink memories. Ta. Sue


  2. “Cotton Candy” or “Candy Floss” where I grew up. Also in French (I live in Canada), it’s Barbapapa… you may know the children’s cartoon character called Barbapapa? Did you know they were blobs of Fairy Floss? Barbapapa mean’s “Father’s Beard” — how appetizing! Thanks for posting, lovely!


    • I lived in France for 9 months and never heard of Barbapapa! How superb! I suppose I didn’t go to any amusement parks. What an oversight! Also not familiar with the character but google will help me there!


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