Petrina and Me – 24 February 1996

February 1996, Melbourne, Australia

This is my beautiful and steadfast friend Petrina and me in a photobooth at – guess where??… Luna Park, St Kilda. Trini and I met whilst working at an Australian franchise of the American firm, The Nature Company. Shop chicks together, we tried our best to get as much nattering time as possible, in between serving, whilst dusting and whilst presenting the stock for sale. Everybody loves Petrina, especially Mark to whom she is married and with whom she has two kids.

Trini and I slipped into this photobooth one Saturday in 1996. It was the 24th of February, according to notes on the back of the strip.  We had known each other about 12 months and were already very firm friends, as we are today. Her daughter Grace is my god-child, I am extremely proud to say.

I would also like to add that I am NOT wearing braces!! The striped band over my shoulder is a souvenir of Guatemala, a beautiful hand crocheted bag.


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