Sparkle Shirley, Sparkle!

This little girl’s name is Arline Michlinger. The above photos were taken in the USA on the 10th of January 1938 (top row) and on the 21st of January (bottom row). At the time, Shirley Temple, probably still the most recognisable child star of all time, was at the height of her fame.

There is something about the practiced poses of this young lady that suggests to me that her mother may have had ambitions for her daughter to be a baby star like Shirley.  The pose with hands clasped under the chin is very reminiscent of Shirley (see photo below), as is the one with the cheeky sideways glance.

Here is the same little girl posing with her mama, who is as equally relaxed in front of the camera as her daughter.  They were also taken in 1938, but on the 25th of May. These are the first hand coloured photobooth photos I have bought where there are multiple shots, from the same session, where the clothing colours have not been consistent. I had previously assumed that the colours in the photos represented the true colour of the clothing which was worn on the day.

Shirley Temple

  1. m5son said:

    A nice set of photos and the hand coloring is also nice, with the pastel shades.


  2. Let’s hope there were no giant frogs around at Peppermint Bay, that blue cricket is pretty striking on the side of Shirley’s head. I love Shirley Temple!
    Cheers Sue


    • Me too, although some of her short films are a bit cringe worthy these days. They made her say some pretty weird things! Glad you have identified the thing on her head as a cricket – very funny!


  3. These are great! Mother and daughter are both gorgeous. The mother has almost a Loretta Young quality. If they actually had ambitions for stardom, they don’t seem to have been ill placed. And those wild colors! You’re right, it’s funny how each photo has a different color scheme for the same clothing, and the pastel colors are very much of their era.


    • YES! Loretta Young. I knew she looked like someone familiar, I just couldn’t think of the name. Interesting to know that those pastel colours are of the era. I didn’t know that!


      • Oh, I suppose I should say they seem to me to be of the era, I could be wrong. I think the colors are part of what give them their vintage quality.


  4. Reblogged this on Photobooth Journal and commented:

    I want to blog but don’t feel well enough. This is a reblog of a post I did in January 2012. Most of my audience will not have seen it. Apologies to those that have.


  5. Brett said:

    The photos are terrific and the girl is quite cute. The coloring adds a nice element, even if it’s inconsistent across the set. Thanks for reposting these. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. John said:

    Beautiful photos, all of them. I agree the mum seems to have stardom for her little girl in her eyes. The little girl is adorable, every bit as much as Shirley Temple. Great post, Katherine. I hope you feel better soon. x

    Liked by 1 person

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