Sparkle Shirley, Sparkle!

I want to blog but don’t feel well enough. This is a reblog of a post I did in January 2012. Most of my audience will not have seen it. Apologies to those that have.

Photobooth Journal

This little girl’s name is Arline Michlinger. The above photos were taken in the USA on the 10th of January 1938 (top row) and on the 21st of January (bottom row). At the time, Shirley Temple, probably still the most recognisable child star of all time, was at the height of her fame.

There is something about the practiced poses of this young lady that suggests to me that her mother may have had ambitions for her daughter to be a baby star like Shirley.  The pose with hands clasped under the chin is very reminiscent of Shirley (see photo below), as is the one with the cheeky sideways glance.

Here is the same little girl posing with her mama, who is as equally relaxed in front of the camera as her daughter.  They were also taken in 1938, but on the 25th of May. These are the first hand coloured photobooth photos I…

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  1. jacolette said:

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Keep up the good work. These are lovely photographs.

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  2. Wonderful. So glad I got to see this post… hope you are back up soon, Kate.

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    • Sometimes I am amazed at the photos I manage to buy for next to nothing! Too often the things I want to go for extraordinary amounts of money that I would never dream of spending. It is wonderful to get some gems AND get a bargain sometimes.

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  3. Get well soon, Katie! Thinking of you!
    Arline is so lovely, and who can blame her and her Mom – just imagine how inspiring could Shirley Temple be at that time. Every g

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    • I watched a lot of old Shirley Temple movies when I was little. They used to have one of her films on every Saturday morning for weeks on end. They would then do a season of Abbott and Costello movies and then go back to Shirley Temple. It was a great education!

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  4. Oh come on WordPress :)…
    Every girl dreamed of being like Shirley, I guess. I dreamed to be a Daktari star 🙂

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    • I loved Daktari, too! I probably would have dreamed of doing something like that if it had crossed my mind that doing something like that was possible!

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  5. Linda said:

    Get well soon, take care!
    Lovely photo series!

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    • Thanks Moni! I am looking at WordPress for the first time in a few weeks. I’m trying to catch up on replying to comments. I hope I’ll be up to reading a few of your blog posts soon too!

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