University Buddy Rediscovered

This little gem is of my university friend Karin (left) with an unnamed friend of hers. Not sure when it was taken but it looks to be late 1970s to me. I was so thrilled to receive it in my in-box just now, I didn’t ask any questions as I was too impatient to wait for a reply!

Karin was a staunch friend to me at uni, often driving me home and helping me out in many other ways. She did fabulous delicate little pieces of ceramic art for her final folio. I still have pictures of her pieces, somewhere. After we graduated we lost touch. I went to live in England and she went to live in Bali. The wonders of the internet have reunited us. (Cheers facebook.)

Karin has encourage me a lot in using my photobooth pics by giving me great feedback comments and sharing her inspiring thoughts. So thanks, Kaz. You are a star!

  1. More details in from Karin “The pic was taken either in the city or in Dandenong, with my friend from school Liz, who I am still great friends with to this day.”


  2. Hi Katharine, looks like we are both lucky with friends.Last night at Carla’s she had a small B&W photobooth photo of her aged about 16 with her friend in Vancouver Canada, she had just found it after all these years…I was excitedly telling her all about your wonderful posts. She is also a ceramicist! Serendipity.


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