Photomatic Big Nose

Listing titles in online sales are often funny, sometimes completely wrong, sometimes overly flattering or in this case, just plain insulting. This poor man was listed as Big Nose. Written on the back is the date, 3rd of August 1939, with the place name Nantacket (sic) which I believe is how the place name Nantucket, is pronounced.

Nantucket is an island 30 miles (48 km) south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the United States. It looks to be a very pretty place for a holiday which means this is possibly a souvenir of a vacation. Big nose or not, this guy has a friendly and appealing face, as does his happy partner.

  1. Love your blog, I’m a big fan of old photos. With regards to Big Nose, just south of Boston, Massachusetts is Nantasket Beach. There was an amusement park called Paragon Park there until the mid 1980s. Spent many a weekend there. It’s possible the photo came from there. There were lots of arcades and photobooths there.Nantucket is pronounced with the ‘u’, don’t mean to be picky.


  2. I like this one… brother and sister, perhaps? Or perhaps just kindred faces. He has great character, he could have been in films.


  3. Oh, I can completely relate to your comments here. The photos in my collection have come from a variety of sources, but let’s face it, most of them came from eBay. And the listings there can really run the gamut from dry, expert descriptions to blunt, insensitive commentary. Sometimes I am amused, sometimes offended. But I have to admit (even if I feel a little guilty doing it) that I have added some very interesting photos to my collection by searching on words like “ugly”. I then end up feeling a certain proprietary defensiveness towards the subjects of the photos once I own them.


    • We really seem to think alike when it comes to our collections! Proprietary is definitely how I feel about “my” people.


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