This is my friend Bronwyn in 2 wonderful black and white photobooth photos. I met Bron in the late 1980s or early 90s, through my sister Sue. This photo dates from around the same era. Her dark and luxurious locks were died blond as was the fashion at the time. Those locks have been through numerous spectacular incarnations over the past 20 years.

Bron and her hubby Brett, wished so hard for babies and after several shattering false starts were blessed with two exceptional kids. Her eldest Maggie has exceeded all expectations after being diagnosed with some serious health issues. She is a sweetie of Elizabeth Taylor like beauty, having inherited her mothers perfect porcelain skin and raven hair.  Ragamuffin Oscar is cheekiness personified and runs his Ma and Pa ragged, but I hear it is no more than his Dad did when he was a lad.

Bronnie has infinite patience and oodles of  love to share with her family and the world. She and Brett have done it tough with Maggie’s health problems but after every crisis have come up  stronger. I wish I saw her and the family more often but due to fabulous Facebook I never feel like they are too far away.

  1. She’s one cool dude. I would have been in awe of her in the ’80s!


  2. She is a looker, that one. Great story of friendship, perseverance, and blessings.


  3. Lisa said:

    She is a looker – great photo!


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