The Dick Jewell Project

Found Photos by Dick Jewell (Cover)

In 1977, the young British photographer and photobooth artist Dick Jewell self-published a small book Found Photos, a collection of photobooth images that had been thrown away or torn up by the people in the photos. Completely unaware of this book when I started making my own collection of found photos, once in the know, I embarked on a long quest to obtain a copy. It is a quest, as yet, unfinished.

Early last year, having realised I would never be able to afford a copy of this very rare book, (it can go for up to $2000 on Ebay), I wrote to Dick Jewell to ask if he had any plans to reprint it. Unfortunately the answer was no, however in the course of our conversation, I mentioned my own collection, which piqued his interest. Over the next few months I scanned all the pictures I had of me in photobooths and slowly forwarded them to Dick in London. He is now working on creating a piece using my photo series from 1973 to 2011. While not entirely sure about what the finished project is going to be (things have moved on since we first discussed it) it will be, at least in part, a video of my photobooth portraits in chronological sequence. I hope to be able to publish the finished work on this site one day soon.

Two images from Found Photos

  1. m5son said:

    Well that’s pretty cool Katherine. Will you become rich?


  2. ehpem said:

    Wow, that’s pretty exciting. I hope it works well.
    I see what you mean about the cost of that book. I looked it up on, and the four available copies range in price from US$527 up to $2500. Would be cool to find one of those in a second hand store for a few dollars.
    I love these pieced together rejects.


    • At $527 I am tempted but cannot justify that amount at the moment! I haven’t seen one at that price before.


      • ehpem said:

        Well, abebooks is a pretty phenomenal place to find books at good prices. If you check back often you just never know what deal you will find. That company is based here in Victoria (Canada), started by computer staff laid off by the government a number of years ago. They can’t be regretting that pink slip one tiny bit – its a huge operation now.


  3. What fun (both his book and your contact with him)!


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