Bronnie II

My friend Bron was so happy with her star turn on Photobooth Journal that she offered to send me some other photobooth images she has from the 1980s. Aren’t they TOTALLY FAB!

I’m sure I’ve already told you how cool Bron and my sister Sue were. They frequently went to concerts- everything from New Order, The Cramps, The Cult, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees to Nick Cave, Beasts of Bourbon, Died Pretty and Beastie boys.

Bron continues the story “Sue and I went to tons of concerts in the St Kilda area at The Venue, The Prince of Wales Hotel and The Esplanade Hotel. We also did a lot of nightclubbing in Prahran, Richmond and the clubs in central Melbourne.

There were a lot of Goths around at that time. My attire went from velvet gowns to long black tulle skirts with laced up black boots amongst many other things. We used to spend a fortune on our clothes. We got them from vintage shops in Chapel St and Greville St that sold anything from leather pants to furry mohair cardigans to fitted riding coats- just gorgeous! Before I met Sue I dated a guy with a Mohawk-LOL. I remember I wore red tartan pants and a God Save the Queen sex pistol white cheese cloth top. My taste varied. The days of fashion were amazing back then.”

I was overseas quite a bit when Sue was in groover mode but whenever I was around I was always astonished at her ability to whiz up a new outfit each Saturday afternoon, inevitably for a night out with Bronnie.

  1. Lisa said:

    these photos are amazing! and i agree with your friend bronnie about the fashion. i always have a soft spot for late 70s-early 80s fashion.


    • Photobooth pics are somehow more revealing than snapshots. These two are very special as it captures the spirit and style of the era.


    • Hi Jean
      I think today it is more about what her glamorous daughter wears, but she is still a Style Queen in my book! She is the sweetest, sweetest lady. I love her to bits.


  2. You are lucky to have such a cool friend. Nice post, hope you have more of her.


    • Not at the mo but I think I should ask for more. A more contemporary one this time. She is still beautiful!


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