Pretty Lady Full of Joy

My cousin Caroline and her siblings grew up in Canberra, so it wasn’t until we were older, when she moved to Melbourne, that we really got to know each other. When she had her first baby, she lived near where I was teaching part-time, so I dropped in as often as I was able. I think that was when our friendship really blossomed.

At home with Caro, her hubby Dave and two, not so little, girls, she is always sparkling. A very creative and happy cook, one is enveloped in her warmth, hospitality and great food when visiting. Her two daughters are funny, interesting and articulate beyond their years and it is great fun for me to imagine the amazing lives the two of them have ahead.

After a long career in teaching, Caroline has recently reinvented her future and is now a qualified landscape designer. Currently on an extended trip overseas with her whole family, she is making the most of her freedom until the big slog of getting her design business off the ground begins.

This photo was taken at the Jam Factory in South Yarra in August last year, just a week or two before Caro’s departure for cooler climes.

  1. m5son said:

    Could have been named two pretty ladies…..great pictures and story.


  2. Hey Katharine, you definitely bring out the joy in people with your photos-even in a booth-thanks for the link to the Barbie site- I think I’ve set a challenge for you now- a Barbie in a bear suit in a photo booth. The wordpress moves in mysterious ways. Cheers Sue


    • Thanks for the compliment Sue and it sounds like a challenge worth tackling! You never know what I might get up to with an old doll, a trashed teddy and a pair of scissors before my next trip to a photobooth!


  3. Jasmine said:

    Oh my goodness! I think I remember that photobooth in Jam Factory back when I was in high school in Melbourne! I love photobooths.


    • Hi Jasmine, thanks for the comment. I would say that if it is not the exact same booth, it is still run by the same man! If you have any booth photos with a story you’d like to share,let me know. Katherine


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