Cycling Adventure – 3 May 1997

3 May 1997, Spencer Street Station, Melbourne

These booth photos were taken on the way to meet friends to do a short cycling holiday from Daylesford to Castlemaine, with stops planned at picturesque campsites along the way. My partner Garth was one of the troupe. We caught the train part of the way and then started pedalling. It rained the whole time we were away. Camping in such wet conditions, was out of the question as far as I was concerned. I had no problem riding for hours each day in the rain, so long as I could be dry, clean and warm each evening. Cheap accommodation in the region isn’t hard to get, as normal, sensible tourists tend to stay at home when it is bucketing down!

The bizarre white thing on my head is what passed for a safety helmet in those days.

  1. At least you don’t have those cable-tie spokey dokeys protruding from your brain like a My Favourite Magpie-Martian Echidna. I love Spencer St Stn that’s one hell of a tour-de-Melbourne! Cheers Sue


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