Dick Jewell’s Finished Film

I have just received and viewed the finished piece that Dick Jewell has made with my photobooth photos. I first mentioned the project in a post on 13 February. I said then, that I had little idea of what the finished work would be. I am delighted to say it is a film set to a piece by Vivaldi, of me decaying before our very eyes!

My images are set into photographs of the inside screen of numerous types of old photobooth machines. The screen pics were either taken by Dick Jewell in London or supplied by Brian Meacham and Tim Garrett from Photobooth.net in the USA. I hope one day Dick will do another film from 2011 to whenever. I am sure he will, if I keep up this mad obsession. Click here to view the film on Vimeo. Below are three grabs from the movie.

    • Thanks Mike! I must admit to feeling rather intimidated by all the wonderful comments you are getting on your blog. I feel I have nothing more I can add by the time I get to see it. Congratulations on your success. I still look in everyday.


      • m5son said:

        So say hello from time to time, silly!


      • m5son said:

        You know katherine I am just sensitive enough to think that it was your way of trying to get me to stop commenting on yours. But I didn’t did I. So there!


  1. ehpem said:

    What an awesome set of photos and it makes a really cool movie – lucky you!

    I detected no decay at all. What did stand out, over and over, is your lovely eyes. And you became more sophisticated with you posing. Something for all of us to learn there. 🙂


    • Hi Ehpem

      I do feel very lucky. I did get more experimental with my posing after a few years. Initially i was taking the pics for photo ids and travel visas, and keeping one or two for souvenirs. Then I started to take the pics just for fun. I got more relaxed about it as time went on.

      PS I was going to ask your name but saw in one of your posts that you have decided to remain anonymous. Very cool idea. So you will still remain Mister Ehpem in my mind but I have removed the title (for now).


      • ehpem said:

        I have no problem with the Mister. Anyone that has been around my blog for a while will have no doubt. It’s just that some people have not noticed, and that would never happen face to face, so it’s kind of nice to leave it that way and let them figure it out on their own and to be a she in their minds in the meantime.


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