NEWS FLASH – Photobooth Expedition of Meags Fitzgerald

I am supposed to be off the blog to get my health in order but couldn’t resist telling you about this fun project. I have copied it verbatim from the relevant website. It is an ambitious project with a fund raising campaign to help get it off the ground. Please check it out (link in title, below) and also take a look at her blog.

The Photobooth Expedition

Hello! I’m Meags Fitzgerald, I’m an artist, illustrator and a photobooth enthusiast in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the last nine years I’ve created many ongoing projects, collaborations, art pieces and animations using photobooth pictures. You can see some of my pieces here,

Now I’m writing and illustrating a graphic novel (like a comic book) with my knowledge of photobooths. No other book like this has been made! It will be titled Photobooth, A Biography. In order to make this book there are two things I feel I need to experience.

First is the 2012 International Photobooth Convention in Venice, California, happening May 18-19. There I’ll meet other photobooth artists, enthusiasts and experts and I’ll collect their stories for the book.

Secondly, following the convention is a trip to Montreal to visit Auto Photo’s warehouse. Auto Photo is one of the only manufacturers of wet chemistry photobooths left in the world. There I will learn how the booths actually work and learn about the company’s history.

Together, the back to back trips will last 14 days.

  1. m5son said:

    How cool is all that! Does this person know you?


  2. ehpem said:

    My niece is going to art school in Halifax, or nearby to Halifax. I will have to tell her about this. And, HI!, nice to catch a glimpse of you 🙂


  3. Katherine, I’ve been in that photobooth in the drawing at the top. Seems it was always out of order. I live practically next door.


  4. Nancy Platt said:

    I love that there are wet chemistry photo booths still around. What a treasure. Your trip sounds wonderful. Good Luck with your book project it sounds terrific.


  5. PBJ. Thanks for liking my last post. I’m very sorry to hear about your recent health issues. But you sound like a fighter. Hang in there. All my best wishes. Jon


  6. Lisa said:

    I’m glad I caught this – I’m not sure how, but I wasn’t receiving your posts again, so I re-subscribed. thanks for posting this!


    • Nice to hear from you Lisa. Wonder what happenied with the subscription? Glad you realised and that you are back. Katherine


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