Gran and Granddaughter

Actual size

A lovely snap of two ladies who were obviously really close. A Grandma and her Granddaughter perhaps? So sad that no one cared enough to keep it in the family.

I do love the older lady’s hairnet which seems to have tiny pearl beads over it, to match her stunning pearl necklace and of course the outrageous beauty spot of the glamour-puss young lady.

  1. ehpem said:

    Nice! A great find that one. The beauty spot – what a concept for improving looks – pretty foreign in this age of cosmetic surgeons promoting perfection.


  2. Great photo, they both look as though they got dressed up for the photo.
    The mount/frame is beautiful too. Where did you find this one?


  3. Hello Katherine,thanks for the links, I had never heard of photomatics before : )


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