Jam Up 477

Rally’s Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. first fired up the grill and started cooking in 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky, making the earliest possible date for this pic 1985.  This date or thereabouts is supported by the very 80s eyebrows, lips and hairdo being sported by the subject of this strip. In the third and fourth images, I can imagine this young woman as a Bollywood star with her exotic almond eyes and frank, sultry gaze.

No identification of the subject is found on the back of the strip but Jam Up 477 has been written in bold capitals at the bottom. Not having heard of Rally’s restaurants before, I am unsure if there is anything linking those words to her job at the restaurant. The logo on the hat is interesting, and despite a good search of many websites, I cannot find anything from Rally’s that matches it. The character could be a hamburger superhero or a daffy Ronald McDonald type, I really cannot be sure!

  1. ehpem said:

    Is her name on the tag on her shirt? Can’t quite make out what it says.


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