Two Young Soldiers In Helmets

This strip of photos was bought online. This photo’s date puts it smack in the middle of the US involvement in the Vietnam conflict at a time when President Lyndon B Johnson had escalated military involvement (1963 – 1969). Not mentioned in the listing was the fact that one of the soldiers is identified on the back and that they were training at Fort Gordon, Georgia making this a particularly interesting group of photos.

I am hopeful that both the lads in this great record of comaradery survived the war. I am not sure that I have interpreted the handwriting correctly but I am glad to say that no Tomsen, Thompson or any other spelling variation of that name, who also came from Maryland, is listed as a casualty at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial website.

  1. ehpem said:

    Hi Katherine. I read that as Gari Thomason, but that does not change your conclusion. Nice find, you must be pleased.


  2. Sold a painting to someone in Maryland last week, how funny this world would be if that person saw my painting on someone’s wall, how many degrees of separation? Or is that just plain fanciful. Cheers


  3. m5son said:

    58,000 dead American GI’s. Possibly a million or more (no one knows for sure) dead Vietnamese, both soldiers and civilians. What for?


    • Indeed. It is hard to reconcile anybody dying in war but that one was particularly brutal and pointless.


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