Fox Head Stole

I love these two images from 1930s Germany. They remind me of my maternal grandmother who had a fondness for fox in the same era in Australia. I wore her arctic fox fur muff and matching stole to many costume parties when I was in my late teens.

She also had a grey fox stole whose little mouth was a clip that attached to the tail, as it seems to do in this lady’s example. Despite the fact they are desperately not PC, I mourned their loss when I discovered they had moulted completely while in storage during one of my forays overseas.

Looking at this woman I uncharitably mentioned to a friend that she looked a bit like a fox, but my companion could not agree. “Nope, Kat, not a fox. Definitely a ferret.” Either way we agree that she has something of a small furry creature about her, that ties in well with her fashion choice.

    • I am guessing that is another type of furry animal, not a device for holding a piece of wood in place!


      • m5son said:

        The groundhog (Marmota monax), also known as a woodchuck, whistle-pig, or in some areas as a land-beaver, is a rodent …


        • A mini capybara perhaps. I think I like the name whistle-pig the best (for the animal, not the lady)!


          • m5son said:

            They make an interesting noise, whistle pigs. Once upon a time there was one high above a mountainous campsite we were in and it went on for days, that whistle pig. I wonder what became of that woodchuck looking lady in Germany in the 30’s.
            It is hotter than hell here. how is your winter, Kat?


            • Mild but wet. Thanks for asking! I quite like the opportunity to walk on the beach in the rain with the pooch once or twice a week. Always puts me into a French “nouvelle vague” black and white movie type of mood. I am always the exotic, femme fatale, forlorn heroine, tee hee.


              • m5son said:

                That is a nice image for me, you and a pooch walking on a rainy beach. I love the rain, which we don’t see much anymore. I would walk miles in the rain, and the wetter I get, the more I like it. Rain for me is sensual. So too is the sea.


  1. My maternal Nan used to stuff crocodiles, a bit hard to wear round the neck.


    • I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed, Sue. Do you have any of them? I am assuming you are serious! I love a bit of taxidermy. I have a new aussie wild rabbit head – Mario – named after his nemesis and a dilapidated old sambar deer that was a gift from a friends dad who shot if 50 years ago.


        • Thanks for the link Sue. I did read it when you posted it and again today. She was a formidable lady for sure. How many species do you think she helped to extinction? You wouldn’t have a photobooth photo of her? Or a vintage shot of her from her youth? I’d love to do a post on her!


  2. elmediat said:

    Excellent – animal spirit lady revealed. 🙂

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