Saddam Era Military Identity Card – A Celebration of Movember

I bought this item under the title Original Saddam Era Military Identity Card From Iraq. Not being able to read the arabic script, there is no easy way for me to ascertain whether that statement is true. Regardless of its authenticity, it is an unusual item that shows the wide international usage and popularlity of the photobooth.

The fact that the gent in the booth is sporting a fabulous tache also makes for a great means of celebrating and promoting Movember. This charity fundraising event started its meteoric rise to international acclaim in a pub in Adelaide, South Australia in 1999. So you Mo Bros out there, how is yours growing and which charity are you supporting this year?

  1. Wow, Sue. Is that a joke? Can they really do it or is it a mock up for an art piece? Very cool and I’d love to get a chance to have a go! Thanks for the link.


  2. Great image Mo Sister Katherine, loving his Mo.
    I hope someone can decipher the message.


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